UK propagation indicator

Worth a listen round to get some ideas of propagation from UK to Commonwealth this weekend.

Hi Bob,


You might like to let the BERU group know there is a big UK Affiliated Societies phone contest on 40 and 80 this Saturday, 13:00-17:00 on 80 and 40. Propagation to VK on 80 was clearly open at the end during the CW section a couple of weekends ago. Lots of big signals and some decent receive antennas

I’m M3E for this one.

73 Colin G4CWH/M3E/ZF2CA

UK HQ Stations

Thanks to the following for committing to operate HQ stations in the UK in Beru 2020….

GB5CC – Don G3BJ

G6XX – Graham G4FNL

GI6XX – Richard GI4DOH


GW6XX – Me GW0ETF, but still looking for other ops

Have approached GD and GU but no-one is available and trying to contact GJ so open to offers….!

73, Stew GW0ETF

Commonwealth Medal

Hi Bob:

Received it in the mail today, thanks! I’d forgotten all about it although I now remember reading about it earlier this year. Always enjoy BERU, although now, at 85, I only enter for 12 hours. Looking at the breakdowns I could never justify trying for 24 hours, not having a super-station and being plagued with all kinds of local noise. I’m never going to be in the top ranks, and certainly not being in VE3 where we have a lot of big guns now. Looking forward to next March, of course; apart from the odd 160M contest BERU is my only contest now.
Strangely, the date on the plaque inside the medal box shows 2018 rather than 2019 – not that I’m complaining.
Hope one of my daughters will treasure it when I go 😀
73 Mike VE3VHB

Call for UK HQ station operators


For the Commonwealth HQ stations, we are looking for members who would normally make a serious entry and who are able to be heard by the DX stations. This is either an individual entrant who can stay awake for 24 hours or a multi-operator entry. We are conscious that having a larger number of HQ stations in the UK & CD could deplete the number of “G” stations who are QRV, so we do not intend to extend the RSGB HQ stations beyond where we currently are. Please contact Stewart GW0ETF, if you are interested in running a “Beru” HQ station in 2020. I suspect we will not find anyone for all the Crown Dependency stations.

Message from Mike G3VYI for 2020

Our son and (his) wife are now in Sydney for  a couple of years so of  course we plan to visit, and I am trying to  combine it  with BERU, why not!
We are thinking of travelling from Sydney to Victoria  and Adelaide etc and maybe Hobart then back again in early March , and fitting a BERU entry in along  the way.. I can bring a rig , hire a camper etc…should be fun.
If you know of any friendly  ‘for hire’ or guesting stations in VK7 or VK1/2/3 thats another idea, any info gratefully received..last year we went  to VY2 (TT) station which was different!
Anyway I hope you are safe
Mike G3VYI

2020 Latitude Factor

Hi Bob
Poor HF propagation in the last couple of years seems to have favoured the southern hemisphere and the Latitude Factor is now returning to its level of 10 years ago – 1.55 for 2020.
The VKs, who have been doing especially well in the team competition, will now have to work somewhat harder and opportunities have arisen for the more northerly teams.
73, Peter G3LET

Bonusses missed in BERU 2019?

Hi Bob,

This is the list of CC stations that seemed to be on RBN during BERU that (mostly) no-one worked. It’s possible that some are RBN decoding errors and I also missed out some that were heard by just one decoder, as they were also probably errors.

ZS2PA 15m  
ZS2EL 17m ZS1EL probably
ZS1OIN 15  
ZD7BG 15,17,30  
Z21GC 40  
TJ3X 40,80  
C91AHV 20  
9M2WU 160  
9V1KB 20  
A3STE 20,40  
T2BA 40  
T2DE 40  
T2IV 80  
T2UB 80 Too many from Tuvalu – pirates?
VK0VVV 40  
9Z4Y 15,17 Only worked two BERU

As you will see some were on 17 or 30, but many were on the BERU bands. Maybe some of them just don’t like contests too?




Hi there, I am wondering if you have a list of past winners of this long-running contest. I have been sorting through some of my father’s things and note that I have a miniature that he won in the BERU Junior Contest in 1948. Ray Cracknell. His call sign from Rhodesia (and on the trophy was ZE2JV). In the UK he used G2AHU. Do you have any further details in your archives? Regards.

GM Helen
Yes, I do have lists of winners etc. And I have an archive of past results etc collected over the years. I will dig out information for you about the 1948 contest
Kind regards