Cook Islands E51KTA

Ok I will be going, E51KTA I can confirm that now.
BERU 2017 (Middle w/e in March) w/e so in contest BERU ONLY outside will also be looking at WARC bands. I’ll confirm exact dates in time as suspect couple days before hand and the week after.
The focus that first w/e will be BERU stations so hopefully others
 will not make it too difficult hihi


Canada 150: Special Event Prefixes for Canada’s Sesquicentennial

At the Dayton Hamvention, Radio Amateurs of Canada announced that it has secured permission for all Canadian Radio Amateurs to use special call sign prefixes to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation.

National, regional and local events will take place throughout 2017 to celebrate the anniversary and Canadian Amateurs will let their counterparts around the world know of our celebration by using the following special prefixes:

  • Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VA will be able to use the CF prefix instead of VA (for example, VA3RAC will be authorized to use the CF3RAC call sign).
  • Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VE will be able to use the CG prefix instead of VE (e.g., VE4RAC will be authorized to use CG4RAC).
  • Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VO will be able to use the CH prefix instead of VO (e.g., VO1RAC will be authorized to use CH1RAC).
  • Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VY will be able to use the CI prefix instead of VY (e.g., VY2RAC will be authorized to use CI2RAC).

These special prefixes are optional and Amateurs can choose if and when to use the special prefix vs their normal prefix at any time during the year. Stay tuned to the RAC website for additional information

For more information on Canada150 visit


Quake Contesters team


Hi Bob

Sorry I am not sure who to direct this to but on behalf of the Quake Contesters team I’d like to thank the organisers for the Commonwealth Medal award.  It was totally unexpected and the boys were quite chuffed!  We have a lot of fun in the BERU and especially enjoy the team aspect.

We are looking forward to 2017.

Mark ZL3AB


Well, that didn’t turn out as I had planned. I was hoping that we’d have the same condx as in ARRL DX SSB last weekend, but obviously that didn’t pan out. I lost my amp early in the second hour and spent the next 3 hours trying to run LP and fix the amp at the same time. I managed to get it working again, but I knew I was falling behind, and with condx the way they were, I lost motivation but kept plugging away. My second radio (TS-850) seems to have lost all sensitivity on 20, 15, and 10m. I couldn’t hearing anything except the loud stations, which I’d already worked, on those bands, which really limited my SO2R work. My log shows no QSOs between 0828 and 0927 despite nearly continuous CQing on 80, 40, or 20. I had 3 QSOs in the final 90 minutes. Last year, I had no QSOs between 0803 and 0904. I see a pattern here :=) I must have been really close to another running station between ~1145 and ~1230 on 20m. I worked ~55 stations in that time, but at least 10 of them called me again later, making me wonder how many of the ~55 were actually calling the other station instead of me. I won’t be surprised if I lose a lot of those QSOs. Here’s a breakdown of some of my log: Raw QSOs Dupes Bonus HQ PTS BCA ————————————————————

80m 55 55 0 18 3 695 12

40m 194 192 2 56 5 2180 27

20m 186 255 13 37 4 2095 23

15m 59 59 0 39 2 1115 25

10m 15 15 0 14 1 375 11 ———————————————————— 591 576 15 164 15 6460 98 Three 5 band QSOs: VA3RAC, VE7CC, VE9CB (Compared to 33 last year as VA3RAC!) HQ Stations: VA3RAC, VE1RAC, VE7RAC, VO1RAC, GB5CC 98 Band Call Areas 411 QSOs in the first 12 hours, 180 in the last 12 hours. G: 396 QSOs with 248 unique stations VE: 94 QSOs with 40 unique stations VK: 25 QSOs with 19 unique stations ZL: 24 QSOs with 11 unique stations 80m G: 36 VE: 14 VK: 1 ZL: 0 40m G: 125 VE: 30 VK: 19 ZL: 8 20m G: 214 VE: 27 VK: 2 ZL: 2 15m G: 21 VE: 17 VK: 2 ZL: 8 10m G: 0 VE: 6 VK: 1 ZL: 5 Still one of my favourite contests! Thanks for all the QSOs and to all the DX travellers who make this contest more interesting! 73, Chris VE3FU / VO2AC

ZM4T by zl3io

Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:08 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


I made 176 Q’s as ZM4T in the Beru tuning up/dwn the bands in between other chores.
Only 3-4 hrs time were spent as this contest collides with a triathlon that we do every year. The 10m QSO’s were mainly VE’s, a few ZL’s and ZF2CA. Nothing from Africa here which is no wonder with my time effort but worked J34G, J79XF, ZF2CA (3 bands) & VP9/G3VYI.
73 Holger, ZL3IO

Band Q’s
3.5 16
7 89
14 22
21 31
10 18
No idea about mults or total with those rules.


VP9G3VYIThe XYL  and I travelled back to the DX location of Ed VP9GE  again, makes a good break! The Antennas used  were the homebrew ‘suitcase’ multi  wire vertical for 40/20/15/10  and local dipoles  for 80/40. Both have  a fine view north over the atlantic about 150 yards away and 100 feet up  a hill.The rig comes with the shack and is 100w FT920, the max allowed in Bermuda.Due to the CME storm starting conditions were poor, and 10m was dead.Later on they improved  and at dawn 80/40 were good  to everywhere with fast fading to G . Best Dx was T33, and ZM3AB and M1K QRP the gotaways. 20m  was quiet all night except  for all the ZLs lined up, most were worked with a few repeats, then the VKs came up.GM0NAI had  the best signal from UK  to here, and GB5CC was found easilyexcept on 15/10m . I managed to be conscious till 0800 this year, and 20m was still closed then.My keyer kept dropping dits randomly  so apolgies  for some weird sending! The logged Score was 550 QSOs, 1 /10m 35/15m 151/20m 239/40m 121/80m   with 168 bonuses, SD  score is 6095.73 Mike VP9/G3VYI


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