Look out for 9H1MRC

Hi Bob,

Thanks your reply – so glad it got to you in the end!

We are planning to operate as a group of club members under the one call 9H1MRC, not individually.

Have received my visitors licence 9H3PS and hoping to do some SOTA before and after the contest weekend.

Looking forward to the visit and will on pass your regards to anyone we meet.

Thanks again and hope we QSO – wherever you are!

73 de Peter G3TJE+


If you are worried you might not be able to get your log submitted in time.


Nick, G4FAL, sent me this helpful clarification email for those of us going to places where internet access might be problematic.

“The log submission time for the Commonwealth Contest has been reduced from seven days in 2016 to five days in 2017. In the vast majority of cases this should be an adequate period of time for producing a Cabrillo file and uploading it to the RSGB robot. In the event that an entrant has exceptional circumstances that prevent them from uploading their log within the five days they may contact the contest adjudicator (insert adjudicator details) explaining their predicament and asking if an alternative arrangement can be agreed.

We have some very faithful entrants who have only submitted paper logs in the past; we have arranged a route by which they can continue to do this if they are still unable to submit logs online.”

Many thanks.

Kind Regards,

Nick Totterdell G4FAL,

RSGB HF Contest Committee Chair



Hi Bob,

A note to let you know that I’ll be operating again as VE7RAC. I moved house this past year and hope to have the tower and beam ready for BERU, otherwise I’ll be using an 88ft doublet at 40ft fed with 450 ohm ladder line to a home made ATU.

Brian VE7JKZ

9G5X expedition in BERU

Ghana will be in this year’s contest as part of the 9G5X Dxpedition activity as confirmed  by Steve   G3VMW….Hi Mike,I’ve consulted the rest of the crew and Iain M0PCB has bravely volunteered to enter the BERU contest from 9G. It will be a high power entry with beams, but unassisted. We will let him get on with the contest on one of the stations, whilst the rest of us operate the WARC bands or SSB/RTTY. Iain will have to use the 9G5X callsign, since he doesn’t have a personal 9G callsign, Please feel free to put the detail on the BERU web page.  Best wishes  Steve Wilson, G3VMW

Good news! Mike G3VYI