Call for UK&CD Headquarter Operators

The RSGB Commonwealth Contest takes place over the weekend of March 11-12. We are looking for operators to activate the area based UK&CD Headquarter stations which this year will be based on G(*)5WS following on from the success of the Transatlantic Tests event. For historical reasons GB5CC will again be available to be activated in any UK&CD area. The list is:-

  • G5WS
  • GD5WS
  • GI5WS
  • GJ5WS
  • GM5WS
  • GU5WS
  • GW5WS
  • GB5CC

To be fair for all Commonwealth stations seeking out these callsigns we are looking for operators capable of putting out a good signal on all bands 80-10m (all likely to be open at some point this year to different parts of the Commonwealth) and able to operate for the whole 24 hours. HQ stations are also classed as Multi-Op.

In the case of multiple suitable offers (eg for G5WS and GB5CC) we will give preference to anyone who hasn’t operated these calls in the previous couple of years.


73, Stew GW0ETF (obo HFCC)

New UK & CD HQ stations

For the Commonwealth Contest, as it is in the year of celebration of the Centenary of the Transatlantic QSOs of the RSGB (G)5WS success, we will use G5WS, GD5WS, GI5WS, GJ5WS, GM5WS, GU5WS and GW5WS (or as many as we can find volunteers to activate), as UK & CD HQ stations in the contest.

Hi Bob

I think I am the only person who would be glad for us to stop using GB5CC, so yes, if we can find a volunteer, then GB5CC (G6HCC) will operate in its usual “busted call” fashion😊

Kind Regards,

Nick Totterdell G4FAL,

RSGB HF Contest Committee Chair

John Bazley – VK4OQ/G3HCT

John Bazley – VK4OQ became a silent key on Friday 11th November after living with cancer for many years. Before moving to Australia to be near his family, John was well known as G3HCT along with his equally well known family members John – G2BOZ and Mick – VK6HD.


Ken McCormick ZL1AIH SK

Hi all,

I have received a telephone call from Helen (Ken’s daughter) to let me know the passing of Ken last night.

Ken was a very keen Contester (CW only) and together with his late wife, Pene. They were hosting ZM1A contest station for many years.

Today is a very sad day, RIP my dear friend Ken.

If you want to send your condolences, you can email Helen McCormack


Jacky, ZL3CW


I’ve worked Ken in many BERUs and ZM1A in many other contests.

In 2012, Ken hosted me for the WPX SSB contest.  He was a wonderful host and a great story teller.  


Dave VE3KG

Gabon and Togo join Commonwealth!

Two former French colonies in Africa join the Commonwealth

Short presentational grey line

Gabon and Togo have moved to strengthen their diplomatic armoury in a bid to ease their reliance on France.

They have been admitted to what was originally founded as a club of former British colonies but has been steadily diversifying its composition. These two small francophone African nations are now the Commonwealth’s 55th and 56th members.

Rwanda joined in 2009 and Mozambique came into the group in 1995. None of these states had particular past historical ties to the UK.

The fact that they have opted to join the Commonwealth suggests that they see the organisation as a useful network of diplomatic and cultural influence, and for exercising “soft power” on the world stage.

ZS6R QSL card wanted

My grandfather, JC van Wyk, competed in the Commonwealth Contest throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He was in Johannesburg, South Africa and operating as ZS6R (and, initially, ZS6QF). He took 1st place in the junior section for 11 years in a row (1950-1960).

Now, I would dearly love to find one of his QSL cards (even better if issued during the contest) so I can frame it and put it in a place of honor in my little shack here in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

If anyone reading this has one of his cards, please email me or respond here. It would mean a tremendous amount to me.

73 de K0RvW ken (at)
Ken van Wyk