UK HQ stations active

Hi Bob

Just to let other folks know via your informative website – that I will be the operator at G6XX as ONE of the potential SEVEN HQ stations in the UK for this year’s 80th Commonwealth Contest (so, other calls such as GM6XX, GU6XX etc will also be active – and we’re all different HQ stations)

Looking forward to the QSOs…

73 Graham G4FNL

9H to 9M

Well done Mike! Looking through the old logs, good times for 9H – 9M6 were:

10m 09 – 10Z
15m 08 – 14Z
20m 17Z
40m 19Z
80m 21Z – heard but not worked (yet!)

73, Peter G3LET

There were only 2 QSOs with 9M from the UK in 2017, Mike.

20m at 1700-1800 and 40m at 2000-2100

73 Bob G3PJT


9M6/G3VYI licence received

I am pleased today to receive my Sabah licence thanks to Godfrey Yin my host at 9M6GY. He has a good QRO station in KotaKinabalu that  I will be using, I may take my own vertical for 80m to add to his HF beams and 40m dipole. UK and VE may be more of a challenge than in the last years for me though!
mike G3VYI

Team Latitude Factor 2018

Hi Bob

The Latitude Factor for 2018 is 1.92, higher than in the previous year (1.78). This appeared counter-intuitive as Team VK1 were just able to beat the top VE’s in 2017 and I spent some time checking for calculation errors. However, because the factor depends upon real as opposed to corrected team scores, it became clearer, because conditions in the southern hemisphere have continued poor and team VK1 only won as a result of three successive years with increasing factors.

I have yet to get on the air from my new QTH and so have little first hand idea how conditions are playing of late but reports on both LF and HF seem to suggest little change from 2017.

The upcoming Gozo trip is proving something of a challenge, however on inspection it appears that EJ are now able to accommodate vault poles up to 4.6m in length in the hold and that there is no published weight limit on cabin baggage . . .

73, Peter G3LET

RSGB Commonwealth Century Award

Bob, many thanks for the info. I have included a brief mention in my Awards Manager’s report which hopefully will appear in the next issue of Radcom. I was wondering in return if you would promote the revised RSGB Commonwealth Century Award?

We are now accepting LoTW conformations which makes applying for the Award simpler and quicker. as well as being retrospective.

There are two ways to approach it for the Commonwealth Contest, firstly and probably the best, to complete the spreadsheet before the contest with LoTW or QSL card confirmations, then hunt out any missing ones during BERU, this would give added incentive to participate, or fill in the spreadsheet after the contest and then look through QSL cards and LoTW for other confirmations.

I will be on during the contest!

73 Chris G3SJJ  (RSGB Awards Manager)

Re 9H3ET

Peter, I shall listen for you from shores of Loch Fyne as GM3TAL/P. Low noise site with no mains so QRP. Monoband 5/8 verticals for 10/15/20 and delta loop fior 40. Good luck to you and all BERU ops, 73, Malcolm GM3TAL


Hi Bob

I discovered that Malta doesn’t allow CEPT format calls, however just when panic was setting in MCA has again excelled and released 9H3ET in good time! Now working on an antenna setup that can squeeze into Colin 9H4CT’s plot. Not expecting too much due to the proliferation of solar installations in all the inhabited areas – still hopefully there will be at least some G QSO’s.

73, Peter G3LET