2017 Prize draw results

The draw results are :-

IARU Region 1  G3LIK

IARU Region 2  V31PS

IARU Region 3   AT5M


John, ZL1AH SK

With regret we announce that ZL1AH John Wightman (FOC 1314) became Silent Key on July 1st.
John was one of two FOC Honoured Members, and was 97 years old.
He was a teacher and moved to New Zealand in the 50’s.
He was a member of the RSGB for 83 years.

Joe 7Q7BP SK

QSPing this sad email that was received by GM3YTS:


With great sadness I have to inform you that Joe passed away today at 1400 hrs at St Annes hospital Malawi. He had not been well with a very heavy cold/chest infection for the past week, Janet his XYL is also hospitalised with a similar condition and on a drip, we await further news.
Would you please pass on the sad news to FOC family.

Many thanks

73, Barrie G4AHK/7Q7BJ


Joe was a long time BERU entrant who could be relied upon for many QSOs and valuable bonuses.

Many thanks Joe.

73 Bob G3PJT


RSGB awards Calcutta Key to Bob G3PJT

At the RSGB AGM on the 22nd April I was presented with one of the RSGB’s most prestigious awards, the Calcutta Key. In making this award the RSGB said, ‘This award recognises work associated with the promotion of international friendship through amateur radio and in your case your work in supporting the Commonwealth Contest into its 80th year, a milestone which was recognised by our Patron the Duke of Edinburgh.’.

So many thanks to all who have helped to support and grow participation in the Commonwealth Contest over the last 25 years or so!

73 Bob G3PJT/ 8P9IF/J34G/E51PJT/J68PJ/ZF1JT/9H3JT etc etc.

2017 G3WRR/P

Hi Quin sent me some pics of his trip

One is self at the bottom of the Gap Titan antenna immediately on completion of erection. You might note the fog, and the sharp cutoff in the background, which is (are?) the top of cliffs on the South West facing edge of the Isle of Wight. The other is of self being “assisted” by my granddaughter Moo at the very start of station assembly. (I hope this does not compel the adjudicator to move me to the multi-op category….).
Many thanks, by the way, for your excellent work on BERU publicity…BERU has now overtaken NFD as my favourite contest!
73, Quin G3WRR