Commonwealth Medal

medalCommonwealth Medal may be awarded to the entrant who in the opinion of the RSGB Contest Committee has most improved their score or contributed to the contest over the years.

The recipients of the medals are :-

VK4OD (1994) VK3XB (1995)  ZB2EO (1996)   9J2BO (1997)  ZL1MH (1998)  VE2ZP (1999)  VK2BJ (2000)  G2QT and VK3ZC (2001) G2HLU (2002)  GM3WOJ (2003)  VU2UR  (2004)   ZL1AZE (2005)   VK6VZ  (2006)   G3PJT (2007)   G3LZQ (2008)  VK4XA(2009) ******(2010)  G3TBK/J88DR(2011), VE7CC (2012),VK6AJ (2013), G3MPB (2014), C4Z/5B4AIZ (2015), Team Quake Contesters (2016), G3VYI (2017), G3LET (2018), VE3VHB (2019), G3LHJ (2020), 9V1YC (2021), VK6LW (2022)

2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Medal”

  1. Don. 5B4AGQ. Ex 5Z4FN. 9J2GE. 9 said:

    9J2BO deserves a medal, he is always QRV in BERU and has been for close on fifty years. A good friend remembered from my Zambia Days


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