About the Commonwealth Contest and BERU

The challenge of amateur radio contests has endured from the earliest days of radio communication…

The competitive side of amateur radio has always been the spur to improve knowledge of receivers, transmitters, antennas and propagation as well as the quality and efficiency of communication skills.

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) created the British Empire Radio Union (BERU) in the late 1920s to support radio amateurs in the Empire. In 1930 a New Zealand radio amateur suggested that a week should be set aside as an ‘Empire Radio Week’ and that this should be held in February 1931. This was the first BERU Contest. The contest proved to be very popular and has been held annually since then. It became known as the Commonwealth Contest in 1973.

The 2019 contest will be the 82th.

9 and 10 March 2019


The rules are at the RSGB HF Contest site at 


2 thoughts on “About the Commonwealth Contest and BERU”

  1. Helen McFadden said:

    Hi there, I am wondering if you have a list of past winners of this long-running contest. I have been sorting through some of my father’s things and note that I have a miniature that he won in the BERU Junior Contest in 1948. Ray Cracknell. His call sign from Rhodesia (and on the trophy was ZE2JV). In the UK he used G2AHU. Do you have any further details in your archives? Regards.


    • GM Helen
      Yes, I do have lists of winners etc. And I have an archive of past results etc collected over the years. I will dig out information for you about the 1948 contest
      Kind regards
      Bob G3PJT


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