2019 C6AKT Part 2

Just arrived, drop the antenna bags and pull out bits. (5434)

Over on RHS, 80m 2el and the wires (red) and ‘some guys’, not enough as it became obvious.

On the LHS, black pile of 10m travelpoles, will become 40m 4 square GP’s, The base connectors on pile to one side, the 40m GP (pre cut) wound on the orange kite winder. The white reels you see in the open black bag are the 4 phasing lines, the controller, cable and the shack bit are in the yellow summit bag (capable of getting totally immersed). I used 8 rolls of electrical tape you can see the red and back in the picture. I used one blue role for the control cable. As you know you HAVE GOT to be organised when taking antennas to DX. In the golf bag are the rest of the antennas but also a spare 10m pole and a reel of wire. The other GP’s for 20m, 15m and 10m are in the yellow bag (all pre made)

That is most of the antennas up, used that handy game fish hanging thing
to support the High HF antennas.
Each 40m 4Sq was individually  taped at the joints and then the GP
added, I tested for resonance before putting in place (and then tested
too slow the storm hit and I got wet just as connecting up the coax,
static lines and the stubs (I never took a photo of those).