2019 VY2/G3VYI

From: Mike Franklin
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 21:15:54 GMT

Hi all from snowy Prince Edward Island, -5c  today, its  warmed up! The sea is frozen here!
 First  visit to a superstation  (at the VY2TT DX lodge here) so  I  tried  to do it  justice, but struggled  at  times of  course .The rig is 2 K3’s , amps, 80m 4sq, 40m 4 ele at 90 feet, 3 stack 20m 6 ele,separately rotatable, 3 stack 15m all rotatable, 6/6/4, 10m 2  8  ele,Try  working out a plan for pointing that  lot  in BERU!   Luckily one  K3 of  two here was incommunicado with  the pc so I  didnt  try SO2R as well or might have gone ( more ) bonkers.
Apologies for any  tangles on 20m  in the pileup on saturday  morning, I  was using the shack Writelog, not  my  thing,  so got stuck  occasionally.
Conditions seemed ok  but noisy here on sunday on 80m , then not much new here after 0900zZip on 10m, a few on 15m, including G.I finished  at 0915 so nearly lasted 24 hours. Writelog would not mark any  score for  QSOs with GM or MM prefixes, or at least display the score, must  want UDI  !
I  ended up  with 790 QSO s, and 7000 points ish, may be that total is  missing  the 50 or  so GM/MM prefix  calls.
It  was great to work  the travellers on  most  bands, and lots of OT callers ; BERU is  the only contest when everyone waits  for lots of  retries, with no aggro.I  got one negative comment as I speeded up  the599 and  / in my  call , I hope it didnt sound  too horrible, maybe not do  that again?
Please post good pictures and reports on  the RSGB log site and BERU  site
Mike VY2/G3VYI