2016 VE2AEJ

Hi Mike,

Attached are some photos of my BERU operation this year. But first, I didn’t realize one only had seven days to submit a computer log! My apologies.

aejtoboggan2In March we can have at least a couple of feet of snow – if not more. But then we can have rain and then a flash freeze in which case roads, driveways, etc. can be very slippery so to get my equipment to my XYL’s niece’s chalet I have to take it in from the road to the chalet by toboggan.









Then I have to put on my snowshoes and go back and forth in my niece’s front yard to unroll the G5RV-type antenna and then erect it between two trees. So you can see that I make tracks in the snow going back and forth.


VE2AEJ antenna

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, if one falls and the snow is deeper than one’s arm is long then it gets to be difficult to get back up again. So I lay my ski poles horizontally on the snow to give me something to push on being careful not to break them. Finally, I have the G5RV-type antenna up. It is fed with 450 ohm open-wire line for TVs which I purchased in the 1950’s .

Best regards,

Alan VE3HX