DX QTHs for would be DXpeditioners…

For up to date licencing information consult the OH2MCN site and Steve Telenius-Lowe book World Licensing and Operating Directory available from the RSGB bookshop. Also the old website “dxholiday.com”,is no longer being updated apparently. If you have any information or contacts you would like to share with other DX travellers please send it to me bob AT g3pjt DOT com

3B8 Mauritius

QTH – It has become much easier to get a licence in Mauritius. Applications are referred to local radio society. Useful contact Jacky 3B8CF

5B Cyprus

QTH – you can rent the villa used by C4I in 2013 from Dom

8P Barbados

QTH – contact the local Barbados club, you might be able to use the club station.

9H Malta

QTHs – ham friendly villa on Gozo George at Gozo Holidays, hotel Preluna in Sliema (G3PJT and G4IRN) or the station at Malta Amateur Radio League in Attard. Malta is not CEPT but licencing is no problem. Useful contact Dom 9H1M via Malta Amateur Radio League. And see Traveller reports for 2012 and 2014 (9H3AL).

E5 South Cook Islands

QTH – ham friendly hotel is the Kii Kii Motel on Raratonga. Cook Islands Telecom handle licencing which can be fixed in advance. No local contact but G3PJT was there in 2007.

J3 Grenada

QTH – ham friendly hotel is the Rex St Lucian. Colin G3VCQ operated as J38CW (2010). Mor Gan Villa used by G3PJT 2013/2014.  Petite Anse Hotel  (G3PJT 2015 and 2016) and The Heights (2015).  Licencing – no problem Useful website is that of Derek J35X.

J6 Saint Lucia

QTH – ham friendly villa at Light Castle, used by G3PJT (2011) (used by J6DX team too). Licencing is a very long process, can take up to 9 months. Useful local contact is Tot Henry J69MV

J7 Dominica

QTH – ham friendly hotel at Callibashie. Visited by John, G3LZQ, in 2009. Details here

And by Nigel G3TXF in 2016.

J8 Saint Vincent

QTH – Dave G3TBK regularly operates BERU from a hotel, best to contact Dave for information.

V2 Antigua

QTH – shack to rent at V26B. This super contest station has been used by Gavin GM0GAV (1997) and Nigel, G3TXF (2007).

V3 Belize

Shack to rent at https://mayahill.bz/en/ham-radio/

Used by Iain as G4SGX as V31GX in 2019

V4 St Kitts Nevis

Nick G4FAL operated from Rawlings Plantation Inn on St Kitts. Rawlins had a fire and seems to be CLOSED (2016)

VP2M Montserrat

QTH – ham friendly villa at Gingerbread Hill visited by Nick G4FAL(2010) and Nigel G3TXF(2011). The website shows that antennas are available and that it is a superb site.

VP5 Turks and Caicos

QTH – ham friendly villa is run by Jody VP5JM . This has been used by G3PJT (VP5C 2000) and by G3TXF (VQ5XF 2008). THIS IS NOW CLOSED.

VP9 Bermuda

QTH – ham friendly villa is run by Ed VP9GE. . In many ways VP9 is a very good location for the BERU contest with easy propagation to Canada and the UK. G3PJT won from there in 1995.See VP9/G3VYI (2015/6) also.

ZF Cayman Islands

QTH – I used the contest station at Andrew ZF1EJ in 1996 and details of the club and licencing info are here Martin G4XUM used the station in 2012 and ZF2XF in 2013. Also ZF2CA (2015/6)

OH73ELK Finland

And although this one in OH land is not a Commonwealth counter the QTH at https://oh73elk.net/ might be worth a visit to Finland for a holiday Sometime.



USE THE ABOVE INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for ANY aspect of your DXpedition. DXpeditions can be HAZARDOUS. Take proper precautions.I am not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in these web pages. Most of the information is no more than a few years old, but the status can change rapidly. You are responsible for finding out all the information and documentation required to travel safely and legally to these locations.

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