Grenada sites

IMG_0074 1 North Grenada. Petite Anse Hotel. Site faces 60deg. in a shallow bay with cliffs at both ends. Screened to the south-west. View is looking north. Villa Cocoa is at 40′ on the right hand side of the main building . Bar is at 60′ – antenna possibility, wire doublet tied on edge of bar to palm tree feeder into cottage Cocoa. Beach is about a run of 50′ coax and could put vertical down there as not much used. Would be good to be able to put wires onto palm trees so need sling shot or something. Might be able to put something on the bar balcony but might suffer emc problems. Also see J34G 2016 report. Very high quality hotel/restaurant, details at XYL approved.

2014-03-13 13.07.412. North Grenada.  The Heights villa ( 1 bedroom) is at 560′ ASL with clear horizon from 315 through north to 132. J8 Islands are at 60 and ahead is 83. Open space to the front of the villa. WiFi OK. Owner happy with amateur radio.  Details at XYL approved. NOTE THAT AT THE MOMENT THIS QTH IS CLOSED MAY BE OPEN LATER 2016/7



morgan garden 3. South Grenada. Mor Gan Villa. Lance Aux Pines. Very convenient for St Georges/ island facilities etc. South facing villa on a narrow peninsula for 4 people. about 50m to water edge, with wooden jetty. Antennas on jetty are over the sea. Electrically quiet, WiFi OK. Villa owner happy with radio amateurs. Used by G3PJT , 2013, J34G . Villa details at XYL approved


4. North Grenada.  Almost Paradise Cottages. used by DL7CM and DM2AYO 2008. Cottage detail at

Also look at the webpages of  Derek, J35X

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