For BERU 2019…

A35 Tonga was looking like where I wanted to pitch up … nice but serious ouch on cost, like really ouch, so whilst still available decided to go back to where was last year (including place on stilts right next to sea and about an acre for antennas). Traveling BA via Miami (will overnight) and then fly on to Eleuthra so lots of luggage allowance too. Not in the little plane this time. On way back stop over in Miami for 8hrs.

Should be QRV C6AKT 8th to 14th March.

I’ll be in Team Caribbean.


VP9I – 2019

I was all set to return to Gozo for the 4th time in 2019 when I heard that my stalwart host Colin, 9H4CT was expecting to lose the use of the neighbouring field, which worked well for me last year.  Bob PJT had told me about the new direct Gatwick flight to Bermuda at the recent Convention, so a quick call to Ed VP9GE indicated that his station was free for BERU 2019.  Bonus will be a week’s holiday to a new venue for Gerry, my long-suffering XYL!

This will be another all-band Restricted section entry, using my trusty K3 and P3 and (mostly) Ed’s existing single element antennas.  The local Club call VP9I is expected to be available, if not look out for G3LET/VP9.  Either way, I’ll be happy to join a Caribbean team.

73, Peter G3LET


UK HQ stations – call for operators

Attention all UK HF Contesters…

It’s been decided to continue operating the series of G-6XX calls in the 2019 Commonwealth Contest (aka BERU) which takes place over the weekend of March 9/10th. This is a preliminary call for volunteers with full licences** to operate the G-6XX call in each of the UK regions, namely G – England, GD – Isle of Man, GI – Northern Ireland, GJ – Jersey, GM – Scotland, GU – Guernsey, GW – Wales. If anyone has any interest in running the call in your area please email me direct.

Only essential requirements are to be able to operate all bands 80m-10m and for the whole 24hours (HQ stations are multi-op**). As an HQ bonus you can work UK stations so should be nicely busy but focus will always be on Commonwealth/DX; therefore an amp will be useful and decent antennas highly desirable (but I’ve done a reasonable job with wire antennas here albeit it’s a good location with low man made noise…)

There are already a couple of possibilities for G6XX but all suggestions welcomed. It would be great to have all 7 regions activated.

Stewart, GW0ETF (gw0etf (at) btinternet.com)

** HQ stations are classed as Multi-Op so licensees below Full could operate under supervision

HQ stations 2019


A couple of pieces of news …

For 2019 GB5CC will be hosted by Nick, G4FAL.

This year the RSGB Contest Club has resurrected the old RSGB call, G3DR. We are pleased that this new RSGB HQ call will be hosted by Chris, GM3WOJ as GM3DR. This call which was originally a Scottish experimental call has not been active for 60 years.

73 Bob G3PJT

Roy Smith, G3MPB (SK)

Roy Smith G3MPB (1913 – 2018).

Despite operating from a postage stamp suburban garden and only using 100w to a multiband vertical with single 4 ft ground rod, Roy achieved the DXCC Honour Roll with 358 DXCCs to his credit. He had participated in every Commonwealth (BERU) contest since he was first licensed in 1956 or 7 and always tried to improve his previous year’s score. He arose early in the morning to catch the VK/ZLs that he could only work if he was early on the scene. In 2014 he was awarded the Commonwealth Medal.

Roy discovered an underground stream that ran beneath his garden, which may go some way to explain the performance of the vertical!

During the war he volunteered to join the RAF ‘Y’ squadron and spent 5 years searching for and copying signals from German reconnaissance aircraft. His amazing notes list all the callsigns, details and bases of these aircraft, as well as descriptions of the characteristic Morse sent by some of the regular operators. He lived in Wales for 20 years and also spent some time in Hong Kong.

He was active in BERU this year (2018) on 40 and 20 using his paddle as usual, with his distinctive sending of his call. He will be sorely missed.G3MPB op