KISS why I love the seaside QTHr when DX. Still cannot beat the C5 one sand bar 3 miles into the Atlantic

The VDA was in same place…. 20 sec view (in the dark!) seemed to indicate that the driven was not working properly and BOTH sides, so centre and outer of the feeder were bonded… how the heck that happened I dunno. Anyway, grabbed a PL239 dipole centre and made up a 20m gp fast, and put it up… and it worked 1st time, no time to think about other fixes it worked.

The sparking from the 80m and 40m coax was worrying and meant no 80m and 40m just when probably needed it…. maybe I need to think about lightening in next build

Still qrp I seemed to do OK. No BS really was just KX3 5W, prop was odd later in week some W5 guy said I was 599+20 and then 10 mins later 319 if lucky. QSB was complex mix of fast and slow too. I had a few qso with QRP guys in UK one he was not even 1W to an EFHW (using RG174) on 20m and he was on a hill so I KNOW propagation was there.

How the heck some of the mega guru DXers with all the antennas etc say they couldn’t hear me I dunno. On 20m RBN was saying I went from 46dB at one point with a GW to -1dB same station and I changed nothing ZL2iFB QSO on 20m as well. GL on the 4sq.

72 Dom M1KTA

Contest : RSGB Commonwealth Contest
Callsign : C6AKT
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : —
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : QRP
Zone/State/… :
Locator : FL15OJ
Operating time : 6h57

80 10 0 4 3 50 200 25.00
40 20 0 4 5 100 280 19.00
20 59 3 17 7 290 700 16.78
15 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
TOTAL 89 3 25 15 440 1180 18.20


Hi all,

Back in UK since Sunday pm and unpacking through bit of jetlag. Might be
a day or so (got to be at the salt mines sadly earning more DX travel
tokens) but I’ll create a report for Bob et al.

In short tnx for adding me to team Carribean hope I wasn’t too far off
the pace.

Barring logging errors I should have c85-90 QSO in the log. Pretty sure
I logged the HI9/F… stn as non-Beru doh! Not too bad show given
conditions as a QRP station, zero internet so unassistaed not that it
would have made any difference the local mobie tower was taken out it
seems. I was QRT for much of the last 5 hours through thunderstorms so
missed the expected G run on 40m sadly. I had no choice after couple
close strikes once the first storm passed over just after midnight but
the two 80m and all four 40m GP’s for the 4SQ HAD to come down, the coax
was sparking to ground. Must work out how I might keep them up next time?

The 20m VDA was replaced by a simple 20m GP that I put right at the
waters edge that performed much better, got to work that one out for
sure as should have been the other way around!





VK Commonwealth Contest Log Entries

Below is the summary of VK log entries and the team entry scores based on emails and the RSGB submitted logs for the contest.

Commonwealth Contest 2018: Submitted Logs
Call QSOs Raw Score

Team 1 Australia
VK2BJ   308   4,815
VK4CT  332   5,005
VK4SN  212   3,700
VK6LW 505   5,930
VL6VZ 324    4,200

Total 1,681    23,650

Team 2 Australia
VK2GR 249   4,045
VK2PN 191   3,025
VK3JA  209   2,335
VK3MI 109   2,205
VK7BO 263  4,015

Total 1,021 15,625

Other VK Log Submissions
VK2EL  46
VK2IG  112
VK3GK  13
VK4FJ     9
VK4TT   45
VK5WIA 119 (VK5GR)
VK6HG  49

Allan Mason, JP, VK2GR


Hi all,

As usual another enjoyable contest from VK4. The poor band conditions certainly created a challenge. A long-path 20m opening to VE was a pleasant surprise, just before daylight on our Sunday morning.
That opening worked well with a dipole, having no front to back ratio.The best surprise was when 40m opened for a nice run between 06:50 and 08:00 UTC with 57 Q. The five band jackpot went to 9M6, VK2, VK3, and VK6. Four bands with 3B8XF, just missed on 10m

The 12 hour operation created an opportunity to experiment with strategy.
From VK4, under poor conditions, 12 hours can do better than 24 hours.
There are good reasons why that is the case from VK4. The reverse would be so under good band conditions.
Anyhow, there is always more to learn about 12 hour strategy.

Antennas: dipoles on all bands, rotary on 40, 20, 15, and 10m

Entry: Open Single Operator Assisted, 12 Hours

Claimed score: 5,005
From 332 QSO (raw)

80: 46 QSO, 31 Bonus
40: 167 QSO, 61 Bonus
20: 92 QSO, 49 Bonus
15: 20 QSO, 20 Bonus
10: 7 QSO, 7 Bonus

Thanks Steve and everyone for being part of another pleasant weekend.

73, John VK4CT

Things I learnt in BERU 2017

I need to :
1. Properly understand propagation, especially the marginal openings
2. Sort out 40m. For the next few years I have to be able to exploit 40 to the fullest extent possible
3. Sort out a low noise RX set up for 80 together with as effective TX vertical as I can put up
4. All aspects of my operating style need to be sharpened up, QSYing DX, second RX operating, using skimmer, setting up the K3 properly, using WT …

And finally staying awake and motivated when the going gets slow.

What does your list look like?

73 Bob G3PJT

VE9CB Antenna Disaster!

Bob and John:
Do you recall the picture I sent you of my antennas in the snow a couple of days ago?  Well, we had another storm last night.  My antennas have been modified.  At least I managed to get on for BERU, but WPX SSB is looking distinctly unlikely.
I have a project come the spring.
Dave VE9CB 

BERU – G6XX report

From: Graham G4FNL
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 19:34:30 GMT

A brief update from me from the Commonwealth Contest where I was operating as G6XX, located in Brighton, UK  last weekend:

Despite the poor conditions I thoroughly enjoyed the contest – and being an HQ station meant that I was kept relatively busy throughout.  Like others, I find 24 hours continuous operating quite difficult (especially after a long working week.)  For this contest I considered my role as ‘cannon fodder’ and was there for the benefit of other entrants.  I hope I did a reasonable job – but I am not sure. I almost always called CQ – but I did also have the cluster running and would occasionally chase a new mult and those that I thought might be able make multiple bands QSOs with me.  It seems that I was partially successful – but I realised that after trying to call some of the more marginal ZLs, VKs and West Coast VEs that my DX signals on 80m and 40m just aren’t good enough. So further work to do next time.  I did manage 11 x 5-band QSOs – but they were all with stations within the UK. 10m was tough with just a total QSO count of 19 on that band and my best ‘DX’ was with my friends at GD6XX!   I did manage a total of 18 x 4-band QSOs including the following calls: 3B8XF, 9H3ET, G6HCC  GB5CC, GM4Z, VE3FJ and VK2BJ.  Other stats are 54 x 3-band,  58 x 2band and 105 unique Qs.  The overall QSO breakdown band by band is below (hopefully the formatting remains intact).

BAND    QSO       CTY         HQ

3.5          147         32           5

7              158         58           6

14           145         57           7

21            38         10           1

28             19           4           1

Total      507         161         20

My station consisted of an Elecraft K3 + Alpha 89 amp,  with a TB3 triband Yagi for HF at 60ft and a dipole for 40m at 70ft and ¼ wave vertical or a doublet at 60ft on 80m and some dubious beverage RX antennae

Thanks to EVERYONE for the QSO in the contest. See you next time……

73 Graham G4FNL


Beru G4BUO SO Unassisted 12hour Low Power
From: davebuo
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 22:22:16 GMT
After entering the ARRL Phone from M6T I decided not to return the following week to enter Beru, probably a good decision given the awful conditions! Instead I operated for 2 hours 38 minutes from home in several spells so quite pleased with 62 QSOs in total, though it is inflated by 13 QSOs with XX stations. Never heard ZL but pleased to work five VKs on 40m on Sunday morning, and great to catch ZB2CW in the last minute of the contest.

My doublet doesn’t get out too well on 20, I spent rather a long time calling Steve VK6VZ without success on Sunday morning so I went out and put up the Butternut and ran the coax to the shack, but of course by the time I got back twelve minutes later he had QSYed.

Dave G4BUO

80 8 0 2 5 40 160 25.00
40 25 0 10 11 125 500 25.00
20 29 0 9 6 145 400 18.79
15 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
TOTAL 62 0 21 22 310 1060 22.10


With the SFI scrapping the floor, thought that maybe using the ZL6HQ call this year might generate a few more contacts.

As usual started off alternating between 80 and 40 working VK, ZL & VE. 20m was as dead as a Dodo. Between 1300-1430utc only made 4 contacts and looking at my log from 2017 things didn’t look good for the next few hours, so I went to bed. In hindsight it would seem that the SP 40/80m opening to UK did happen after all, so maybe I should have stayed on the job.

2000-0500utc on Sunday produced about a 40 contacts, spent more time mowing the lawns and weeding the garden than radio operating. But did manage to make 3 contacts on 10m – all with VK2.

The sunset grey-line LP opening to UK was a little disappointing just two 80m contacts – GM6XX and GW3YDX. 40m was a bit better, most UK signals were hard going, but there were a couple of really standout signals, from G3NSM, who I can’t recall working before, along with GM6XX in second place.

The evening 20m SP opening to UK was fair but soon ran out of new contacts.

Great effort from the G#XX stations, worked them all on 40m except GI6XX, plus a few of them on 20m.

So the bottom line after 15 hours operating was just 193 contacts and 3605 points, one of my lower ever scores in the past 40 years or so.

Rig was about 800w to a C3SS beam, 40m GP @6m and a 80m dipole.

73, Frank ZL2BR/ZM2B