80th Commonwealth Contest News


The 2017 contest will be the 80th and there are a number of special celebrations being planned.

I will bring them all together under this header so you should be able to find all you need here.

73 Bob G3PJT

Prize Draw 2017

Three draws will take place, for Commonwealth entrants from each of the three IARU Regions: 1 Europe and Africa , 2 North and South America, and 3 Australia, Asia, New Zealand and Pacific.
The sponsors of the Region 1 prize are Martin Lynch and Sons jointly with Kent Engineering , this Vail Replica Morse key.

The RSGB  are sponsoring Regions 2 and 3 with the one of the last specially commissioned RSGB Millenium keys for Region 2 and a Vibrolex RSGB Centenary key for Region 3


For each region the call of every entrant making 10 or more valid QSOs will be entered into the prize draw the number of times they make a valid QSO, up to a maximum of 80 entries. For example an entrant making 5 QSOs would be not be entered in the draw, an entrant making 15 QSOs would be awarded 15 entries, an entrant making 80 QSOs would be awarded 80 entries, and any entrant making 81 or more valid QSOs would also be awarded 80 entries in the draw.

The three regions will be drawn separately. The draws will take place at the RSGB Convention 2017.

80 QSO certificates

WE will issue a special 80th certificate for all entrants who make 80 Qs or more!


This will be able to be downloaded from the results pages.

A special UK Team prize

There will be a  prize for each member of the highest scoring UK and CD Team in the Team competition. This will be a suitable engraved tankard for each member.


Any number of Teams per call area, 5 entrants per Team, entrants can only be members of one team.

Team members must all be in the same country/region except for the ‘Rest of the Commonwealth’ Team(s)

The Team captain must send in calls to be used by Team members 7 days before. Substitutes are allowed until start time.

Latitude factor = 1.78 for 2017

UK HQ stations Gx80CC


HQ stations were originally introduced to add interest during quiet periods

For the 80th there will be HQ stations in each of the UK and NI DXCC countries.

GD80CC at MD4K org by G4XUM

GU80CC at GU4YOX op ‘YOX, ‘EON, ‘CHY


G80CC at G0ORH




Commonwealth Society Headquarters stations will be active during the contest and will identify by sending ‘HQ’ after their serial number.
Only one HQ station is permitted per Commonwealth Call Area or UK&CD prefix area. Each HQ station counts as an additional call area, and entrants may (exceptionally) contact any HQ station (including one in their own call area) for points and bonuses.
The entire UK&CD counts as one Call Area, so UK&CD stations cannot work each other. The only exceptions are the (up to 7) separate UK&CD ‘HQ’ stations which may be active – only they can be contacted for points and bonuses by UK&CD stations.

We wish to encourage VE , VK, ZL to have more HQ stations too

How about trying some vintage equipment?

In 1931 4 stage crystal osc, mult, PA 100w RX 2 valve TRF Antenna Zepps, half or full wave was all it needed to win.

For 2017 any vintage set up with plenty of valves in it can be used lg300kw2000

Just make a note on your entry soapbox and send us a few pictures too, please!

Miniatures for the Open winners …

Donated by Peter G3LET, in memory of his brother, David. Each miniature is based on the VP8GQ one which Peter won.

One will be awarded per each Open winner.

We expect to be able to offer these miniatures for about 10 years.