Hello Bob,

I was very pleased to receive the results of the 2023 Commonwealth Contest a few days ago. In the past I have often struggled to make more than a few tens of contacts in the contest so this year I was very surprised and excited to make 160 contacts, about 100 more that I have ever achieved before. For the first time conditions were such that I could operate as a “run” station instead of strictly “search and pounce”. From my QTH near Whitehorse it is also difficult to make contacts in AfricaI so it was very special to contact 5Z4VJ in Kenya. I also really appreciate the summary I received that shows my errors. I think these summaries are really helpful because they show common errors that suggest improvements for next time.

At the time of the Commonwealth Contest the weather here is often cold with morning temperatures in the mid minus 30C range, although it tends to warm up quite a lot by the afternoons. It is nice to be inside enjoying the contest and the sense of friendly comradeship that seems to me to be a feature of this contes.


Allen, VY1KX