Every BERU weekend we have a strong storm. No exception yesterday with high winds and heavy wet snow! Early on, my remote fan dipole was impacted with high SWR and the ATU was going crazy trying to keep up. I moved to the high bands early as aresult. Later around dusk the situation had resolved itself somehow and I could operate on 80 and 40 but with reduced power to 200W. The expected promise of a wide open 10M did not materialize for me but 20 and 15 were very productive. Suprised by calls from 9J2REK 15M and 5H6PJ 20M ..thanks! The storm dumped about 20cm here at home and I took two breaks to clear snow during the day. A number of requests for QSY were gladly accomodated. Managed to break 500 Q’s in the 12hrs which is better then last year by a nice margin. Many thanks to all who called and especially those who called me by name! I was able to recipocate in several cases. 73 Frank VO1HP