From: Allan Mason
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 20:58:38 GMT

To Lee, Peter, Grant, Keith and David,

This email is a thank you on behalf of  the 2023 Commonwealth Contest participants who managed a QSO with one or more of the VK HQ stations.

 Apart from VK3WIA,operated by Lee,  I know that you have very modest antenna systems and don’t normally compete against the QRO stations. Andrew operated VK1WIA as a portable station from battery and solar panel power on a hill in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The VK HQ team racked up 807 QSOs that would not be in participant logs with out your time and efforts.  Below is the contact summary from your entered logs:

VK1WIA   97

VK2WIA 125

VK3WIA 125

VK4WIA   78

VK5WIA  225

VK6WIA  127

Total        807

I will be in contact again early in 2024 to see if you are available to operate a HQ station again or know someone in your call area that may be able to take over your operating role.

Allan Mason, VK2GR