I enjoyed the BERU this year but as is the case for several stations
it didnt look good the week before.

Down here at 43 deg S the Roaring Forties arrived with a vengeance.
Strong gusty winds that brought some of my antennas down. I managed to
get them up again but as the 15m delta loop was tangled in a tree I
had to hastily make a new one Hi.

To add to that I had to replace the plate choke in my amplifier. Not
an easy job but pleased I did it and survived the EHT hi.

The higher bands were really good. I ran barefoot on 10m but did
pretty well. A good reply rate, theres more room on 10m Hi.

I was happy with 40/20 and 15m. I worked mainly VK and ZL on 80m but
also CF3A at 1013 Z.

I worked all the UK HQ stns, some on more than one band .The exception
was GD5WS who I missed.

I was pleased with my 279 QSO's.  As always I wish I could have worked more.

I managed my sleep schedule better this year I feel.

Thanks to Bob G3PJT. The RSGB and my VK colleagues, Steve VK6VZ and
others for their operating and organisational skills.

73  Alan VK7BO