I decided against my better judgement to try and do the whole 24 hours without real breaks, but there were times when I had no contacts for an hour or more and I did end up taking quite a few short breaks. So probably spent 21 hours in the hot seat and around 17 hours actual operating. On the whole condx seemed to slightly better than recent few years, in fact made my most contacts since the 2016 contest. As always in this contest working as many of the possible 3 bonus BCA’s on each is band vital for a good score. G, VE3, VK2, VK4, VK6 and ZL3 were the only ones maxed out on most bands. My three 10m contacts were all ZL3’s. Had a nice short session on 80m LP to G land around 7pm on Sunday, the level of my usual local QRM seemed to be a bit lower than normal. Final 20m run to G land on 20m was very productive. Non G/VE/VK/ZL dx worked – 9H, 9V, V3, VP5, VP8, VU, ZF, ZS, but but not worked included – 6Y, 3B8, 5H, 9J2, 9G, 5Z4, ZB, VP2V, V5 Highlights – being called by VP8NO (many years since last qso) and ZS1C via long path of course as it’s very difficult and rare to work central and southern Africa via short path because this path is via Antarctica. I think I sort of may of heard 3B8XF down the bottom end of 40m where the Chinese OHTR was in full swing.