Many more Q’s and “b’s” than last year but there was a noted dearth of HQ stations worked. Enjoyed a short run on 20 and was astonished when Nigel, 3B8XF, called me. Quite a thrill for someone running 100 watts and a 31 meter long G5RV 13 meters h igh! Signals from UK stations were good but a high noise level developed late Saturday afternoon which obliterated all but the strongest stations. Propagation to VK/ZL was poorer than last year. Conditions to the Caribbean and Central America were good and allowed me to work my only 4-band set of QSOs with V31GX and ZF2CA. No African stations were even heard in far western Ontario, about 45km from the Manitoba provincial line. VE activity was very good with all Canadian call districts worked, save for VY0. During the run shat produced the QSO with 3B8XF I was called by VY1KX, which was a complete, and welcomed, surprise. My rare VE4 QSO was also in a very short run on 40 meters with, Jessy, VE4JBB finding me at just the right time. No signals were ever heard on 10 meters. There were only three QSOs on 15 but thre could have been more, especially to the Caribbean. I am of the opinion folks wrote the band off and gave it little thought. My QSOs on 15 were with V31GX, ZF2CA, and VE6KC, who was well over S9 and called me during one of the three or four occasions I called CQ on 15. All in all an enjoyable Commonwealth Contest. Thanks to all who provided QSOs!