Conditions similar to 2019 with deep QSB on most DXstations after midnight. The ZLs didn’t appear on 20m at 4am like they used to years ago but instead were very good on 40 and 80m. Great to work G3TXF on three of the five bands. I heard him on 80m but could not get through with my 100 watts to a dipole. This year I added an 80m quarter wave inverted L to the “farm” and was glad I did as I read and worked stuff with it that was inaudible on the dipole. Disappointing turnout from Far East. I only heard 9V1YC and VU2PTT all weekend.Outstanding signals on all bands: VP5O VE8CB VK6LW 9G5XA ZF2CA (who was coming through on 40m well into mid -morning on Sunday. Nice to work two old friends from way back in the ’60s .. Barry VK2BJ(ex G3PEK) and Nev Bethune 6Y5FS (ex G3RFS). As always the Restricted Section presents major challenges with Search & Pounce much more productive than CQing and being prepared to spend 10 to 20 minutes trying to work one valuable multiplier! For UK ops this is NOT a rate contest!