On Saturday, 7 March 2020, 21:55:27 GMT, Bob G3PJT <bob@g3pjt.com> wrote:
G’day Mike
Good to hear you! About 4-5 3 9 sort of signal so pretty good I would
say for 80w and vertical, close to the noise floor but readable. At this
end 400w to a 2 element vertical beam.
I had a Q with Barry VK2BJ too, he peaked at about 57/89 easily loud
enough for a chat. So looks like  good conditions for short path.
Hope the hols are going OK – speak to you next weekend.
73 Bob G3PJT

Thanks Bob, yes not  bad  for 33ft vert  and a few radials in  campsite, you were solid…no  noise here

 you were 559 579, we have now  moved  south to Victoria, from Sydney ( I was VK2 )  and hope  to finda good location  for the contest  from  the campervan hoho
cu  in BERU