Hi Bob:

Received it in the mail today, thanks! I’d forgotten all about it although I now remember reading about it earlier this year. Always enjoy BERU, although now, at 85, I only enter for 12 hours. Looking at the breakdowns I could never justify trying for 24 hours, not having a super-station and being plagued with all kinds of local noise. I’m never going to be in the top ranks, and certainly not being in VE3 where we have a lot of big guns now. Looking forward to next March, of course; apart from the odd 160M contest BERU is my only contest now.
Strangely, the date on the plaque inside the medal box shows 2018 rather than 2019 – not that I’m complaining.
Hope one of my daughters will treasure it when I go 😀
73 Mike VE3VHB