Hi Bob,

This is the list of CC stations that seemed to be on RBN during BERU that (mostly) no-one worked. It’s possible that some are RBN decoding errors and I also missed out some that were heard by just one decoder, as they were also probably errors.

ZS2PA 15m  
ZS2EL 17m ZS1EL probably
ZS1OIN 15  
ZD7BG 15,17,30  
Z21GC 40  
TJ3X 40,80  
C91AHV 20  
9M2WU 160  
9V1KB 20  
A3STE 20,40  
T2BA 40  
T2DE 40  
T2IV 80  
T2UB 80 Too many from Tuvalu – pirates?
VK0VVV 40  
9Z4Y 15,17 Only worked two BERU

As you will see some were on 17 or 30, but many were on the BERU bands. Maybe some of them just don’t like contests too?