Sincere apologies to Keith VK4TT, who operated VK4WIA and that I inadvertently left out of my earlier report of the VK team and HQ stations.

Keith has been a great supporter of the Commonwealth Contest for many years, but now has very limited antennas, which at the bottom of the solar cycle make it very difficult for him to make the contacts he would like.

When a number of better equipped VK4 stations were unable to take part owing to personal circumstances, Keith kindly stepped in and offered to provide a WIA HQ station for as many hours as he was able. This resulted in him contributing 69 QSOs with other BERU stations.

I’d like to thank Keith for his contribution to the CC/BERU over many years – and, in particular, for coming on the air as VK4WIA in 2019.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ