From: Mike Ruttenberg G7TWC
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 10:32:12 GMT

I worked 60 stations in various stints. 2 VKs on 40, no Africans (9G, 9J2BO, C5 or 3B8 and certainly no ZS1EL which is unusual. Heard Nigel 3B8XF at ESP levels on 40. Didn’t hear Don in C5, or Dom C6AKT at all. 5B was a struggle. Didn’t hear ZB. 9H1CG wasn’t loud here.
V31GX was in and out and I managed to work Iain.
ZF2CA was a huge signal, as was VY2ZM and VY2/G3VYI.
VE5MX was audible but couldn’t hear me.
No ZL, 9M or 9V either 😦 I did hear 9V1YC but couldn’t break the pileup.
The 2 VKs rescued an otherwise VE3-fest and a little disappointing all in all.
Urban London location with an inverted L that was set up for BERU 2018 is still up, so that is a relief.
Thanks as always to the travellers, whether or not I worked them.
Flex6300, 100W
East Finchley, N London.