Hi Bob – Here is a brief report for your Commonwealth Contest wordpress page. Vy 73, Steve, VK6VZ
G’day all
At this end I made a claimed score of 4,195 points from 304 QSOs with 134 bonuses.  On 80m I worked 32 QSOs and 26 bonuses, 40m was 191 QSOs with 55 bonuses, 20m was 51 QSOs with 38 bonuses, 15m was 28 QSOs for 13 bonuses and 10m 2 QSOs for 2 bonuses.
40m was the money band, with 20m a distant second. 80m had plenty of UK signals in the couple of hours before sunrise but the band was noisy due to local humidity, which made copy difficult. A Beverage On Ground receive antenna is on the ‘to do’ list for next year!

In total, I operated for about 17 hours, as some family duties needed to be carried out on Sunday and also got a few hours shut-eye before this.

The conditions here were definitely worse than last year, with true bottom-of-the-cycle solar conditions meaning UK long path propagation on 20m from 0730 to 0830Z was virtually non-existent but UK signals could be heard weakly on the short path during this period and briefly during the evening hours. Only a couple of Canadian stations were worked on 20m.
There was a brief 15m UK short path opening during 1000Z/1100Z. My only 10m QSOs were with the VK6 HQ station and John VK4CT.
All that being said, I had a ball on-air as usual!

Two most interesting QSOs were with G3XYF long path on 40m at 0937Z – never worked a G so late after UK sunrise – and working C56DF (Don G3XTT in The Gambia) long path on 20m over North America. Think the G3XYF QSO was only because of us being at the bottom of the solar cycle.

On 40m I was able to start working the UK on 40m SP after 1500Z. It was cooll!!!

My biggest highlight was the amount of HQ stations operating from the UK, Canada, New Zealand – and Australia, of course.
A huge thanks to all those who operated HQ stations across the globe – and a big hand to the VKxWIA stations, which were operated by Tommy VK2IR, Lee VK3GK, Grant VK5GR and the gang at VK5WIA, Peter VK6RZ and Martin VK7GN.
Vy 73
Steve, VK6VZ