From: Nick G4FAL
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 16:06:19 GMT
There were three odd things for me in Beru this year:

The first was being able to work UK stations for points and to give them points and bonuses. My total of UK QSOs was 432, including 17 who I worked on all bands – some at their request, some at my suggestion.

The second was being assisted, which does make it a bit like the proverbial shooting of fish in a barrel.

The third was that being an HQ station meant being more of a facilitator than an entrant and so I tended to run more than usual and try to put myself about, so to speak.

Discounting any UK QSOs I scored about 5,875 from 326 Qs. This is possibly better than I would have achieved if I hadn’t had the magnet of the HQ callsign, so it is unrealistic to compare with other UK assisted entries; also I didn’t pursue the other UK HQs unless I stumbled across them, so there was potential for a few extra bonuses on 15m and 10m.

I also noticed the lack of a 20m LP opening to VK. I did have a good spell with ZL on 40m LP with eight QSOs between 4:30 and 5:10. I had trouble working one ZL on 20 LP with other UK stations getting through; having eventually worked him I realised he was louder SP and swung the beam around to find a few more to work. I always interests me how quick the propagation moves on the Beru Sunday morning; from picking up ZLs on 80m to working to the East on 15m a couple of hours later. I did miss the little-known LP openings on 15m and 20m that you get in wee small hours in high sunspot years.

It was noticeable that some UK entrants were not bothering with UK HQs plus one station refused to work me on 40m, insisting that we had worked earlier – the old adage “always work dupes” applies here because he isn’t in my log, busted or otherwise. One Welsh station is not in my log despite being hugely loud, but he might just have been picking off the DX, rather than trying to win. Also some overseas entrants seemed only to run, rather than maximising their score by searching for HQs.

Stats that you might find interesting:

·       80m: 2 short path QSOs with ZL on Saturday afternoon and six long path on Sunday morning; 9 VKs on Saturday, furthest west was VE5 but 46 total VEs.

·       40m: 16 ZLs, 21 VKs and 59 VEs. Again propagation to the west was not great.

·       20m: 11 ZLs, 9 VKs and 74 VEs, so not as good as 40m for the antipodes.

·       15m: 3 VKs and 3 VEs.

·       10m: 22 Gs and 2 GMs – nothing outside the UK. No HQs.

Total 35 ZL (including dupes) and 42 VK; I challenge anyone in the UK to achieve a similar antipodean QSO count in CQWW or whatever. I had 8 ZL and 9 VK in CQWW CW last year in 4,443 QSOs.

Four band Commonwealth QSOs were with: 3B8XF 5B4AGN 9J2BO C56DF VE9ML VK4CT VK6LW VK6VZ VY2/G3VYI VY2ZM and ZF2CA.

Mike was very loud from VY2/G3VYI – what a super station to play with – and all the other travelling UK stations were good at finding the best times to be running in the UK direction on each band – thanks for going to wherever you went and I hope you enjoyed the whole thing.

I worked a few non-entrant Commonwealth stations; 7P8LB on 80m (took about 5mins but it was in the middle of the night) and 20m (first call), 9M2AX who was working split at the very bottom of 80m and V31NC on 40m.

Equipment here is FTDX5000 x 2, various amplifiers, Optibeam at 60 feet with a triplexer gadget, 40m 4-square and 80m quarter-wave. A single beverage pointing at NA was valuable – thanks to the farm for letting me run that across their top field at 400m ASL.

Summary including UK is:



80   191   3  28   8     395  1000  7.30

40   264   8  32  11     560  1420  7.50

20   219   8  36  11     575  1500  9.47

15    60   0  12   2      85   340  7.08

10    24   0   0   0       0     0  0.00


TOTAL   758  19 108  32    1615  4260  7.75


Score estimated at about 8,875.

So all good fun but for next year perhaps I should revert to a normal entry?

73, es TNX everyone for the QSOs and TNX to all the HQ activators, Nick GB5CC@G4FAL