As this is only the 3rd time I have operated BERU from the UK I am still learning the ropes so I went assisted again. I spent most of the autumn building antennas, for 40 a triangle of phased verticals and for 80 a pair of phased verticals.

I expected that conditions this year would be most like 2018. Well they were but also different in subtle ways.

2019 G3PJT activity

80m. I managed 22 VE ( all eastern Canada) , 7 VK (all short) and 3 ZL (2 long, 1 short). Noise level was high – need much quieter RX antenna for next year. The phased verticals had some front to back but not enough to make much of a difference. High levels of rain static from time to time.

40m 42 VEs ( no 6 or 7), 19 VK, 10 ZL (4 long). I thought 40 was pretty good . My vertical triangle gave quiet reception but I wonder if it had the punch of a yagi or a full sized 4 square.

20m 61 VE s, 6 VK, 10 ZL. Something odd was going on as I couldn’t hear many VK. Has the Sunday morning LP to VK/ZL, moved to Saturday evening? I think this happened last year. Something to watch out for.

15m 2 VE, and 2 VK6. Why didn’t the band open up further west? The two VY2s were great signals but couldn’t find any VE3s or even VE1s for that matter.

We had a storm which arrived at 1100 on Saturday with a huge gust which has twisted the 10m 4el out of alignment, no signals on 10 so didn’t matter. The waterproof cover over the 40m switch box has vanished. I was chased around the bottom of 80m by the DX segment police. And on Sunday morning I had a huge digital station on 14008 spreading all over the bottom end of 20m. It was so loud it could have been local but after a while it went elsewhere.

Thanks to the Travellers and the HQ stations, I really appreciated their activity.

73 Bob G3PJT