Hi Bob,
I didn’t set out to do much operating in BERU, I just intended to come on and give away a few points, maybe stay on for 3-4 hours, as last year. Consequently no advance planning took place. No antenna checks were made beforehand.
In the event, I enjoyed it so much that I was QRV for about ten hours and made 427 QSOs, 4035 points (last year 5 hours, 217 QSOs, 2005 points). The bulk of my QSOs were from running on 20 and 15, with just 76 on 40m. None on 80m, I don’t particularly like the band. Only one station (Don, G3BJ) asked me to QSY to 80, but I found I had high SWR, so we didn’t make it – sorry, Don).
I should have spent a couple of hours more on 40m, to make up the 12 hours, but bed called. Obviously, if I had planned a serious entry, I’d have done the full 12 hours – my stamina isn’t up to 24 hours these days. Also, I’d have done a lot more S&P on a serious entry.
With the benefit of hindsight, I should have been unassisted as I think I only made two or three cluster-assisted QSOs. I was surprised how much of the DX called me, which was nice.
Were were the 9M2/9M6/ZS stations, I didn’t hear any at all!!?
As always it was good to work a few friends, including yourself, Barry G4RKO, Barry VK2BJ (who I’d had the pleasure of an eyeball with at Bob 5B4AGN’s QTH last year), Nick G3RWF, and lots of others.
Thanks to you and the other organisers, the travellers and, of course, all my QSO partners. A most enjoyable occasion.

Alan 5B4AHJ