I had a weekend away to play radio and operated from a holiday let at the Ex-RAF Angle site in Pembrokeshire. The QTH is an old LORAN radio transmitter station and there’s foundations for the masts/towers all around the site, the owner complained about the mass of buried radials ‘everywhere’. Lovely stuff for us DXers!

Icom 7000 100W, a Hustler vertical for 10M, 15M and 20M and a 1/4 WL vertical for 40M, both bungeed to a fence and the radials woven through the steel mesh fencing. For 80M I used an end fed in an inverted V config, apex at 9.5M due to the wind. I know I should have put up a vertical/inverted L for 80M and it would have gone like stink but maybe next year…

I had a really low noise floor. S1 on 80M and S-Zero on all other bands with pre-amp on in 2.4KHz SSB (Amazing!!). This meant I could hear stations S-Zero but Q5 CQing away and not even realise I was calling them. Frustrating but fascinating..

My copying/logging was terrible and I made loads of mistakes and had to ask for many repeats, my USB CAT kept disconnecting and crashing N1MM+, and it didnt appear to be RF related. So after I lost a serial number I started to copy the serials from S&P QSOs onto paper before entering the QSOs..

CALL: MW7X – 12 Hours Low Power, Unassisted = Lots of VFO twiddling… 11hr39mins on, but no new stations heard/worked in last 20 mins or so.. So basically QRV for all 12 hours..

3.5 12 7 1
7 56 38 5
14 42 29 3
21 7 7 0
10 0 0 0
117 81 9

Oh well, its just a hobby, but I had a great weekend away with the dog, found a new place to play radio and enjoyed chasing the travellers and other BERU contesters around the bands…

Don’t know about everyone else but I spent Sunday night laying in bed with _… . ._. .._ ingrained into my brain…

73 Darren G0TSM / MW7X