Hi Bob,

I enjoyed this years BERU. Always a great opportunity to work the DX provided by our fellow Commonwealth operators from my “little pistol” G station.

I ran in the OPEN -ASSISTED – NO ANTENNA RESTRICTIONS category this year although my antennas are certainly restricted on my 5 hundredths of an acre “estate” in a residential area (thats 2 hundredths of a hectare in new money)

Antennae are a 100 foot doublet with its feed point at 30 feet agal in an inverted vee configuration and a Comet H422 dipole in a vee configuration for 40m and 20m. (we will omit 15m and 10m at this stage of the sunspot cycle) Radio is an Elecraft K3 with KPA500 amplifier running 300 watts out (well within the UK legal limit) N1mm+ logger with the excellent cal history file supplied by VE2FK. Had the telnet service running on N1MM+ to “assist” – I need every scrap of assistance possible.

Just one 5B4 on 15m, so essentially a 3 band contest. Never heard a whisper from any of the UK HQ stations.

Didn’t expect to do much on 80m with such a limited antenna, delighted to raise ZF2 along with VP9 and of course a good number of Canadians in the 1 2 3 9 call areas. The UK HQ stations were all worked on 80m.

On 40m I had more success with an astonising 13 VK’s in the log and 4 ZL’s. Don in C56 and NIgel 3B8, ZF2 , V31 and ZB2 also in the log. Worked all I heard on this band. Amazed that I bagged so many VK and ZL – the early morning sunrise period here was particularly productive.

On 20m I just worked the one ZL after a struggle and no VK at all. Canada saw one VE5 in the log but no VE4 6 or 7. Heard 9V1 and a VE7 but just couldnt raise them. Some ESP signals for the UK HQ stations in GI and GW but just couldn’t raise them.

Total of 106 Qs in the log 80 15 Q 40 41 Q 20 49 Q and 15 1Q

Improvements for next year wil lbe to get all bands 80 40 and 20 to display bandmaps with spots simultaneously to alert me to even the briefest of openings on the “dead ” bands.

One question for 2020 – should there be an OPEN ASSISTED “restricted antenna ” section for wires and dipoles only entrants ? The playing field for a doublet and and a multiband vee dipole compared to a station with a multi yagi set up on 40- 10m and a full size vertaical on 80m with 5 acres for radials 🙂 🙂 Great contest ….long may it continue. My thanks to the travellers from the DX locations in these times of poor propagation. Your efforts are appreciated by this” little pistol”.

73 es gud DX