G3P BERU Report – 12 hour assisted
From: Mike Chamberlain
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 09:48:38 GMT

I decided on a 12 hour entry, the question being which 12. I thought I could miss the first 2 hours, take an hour for supper sometime after sunset, finish at midnight, leaving an hour on Sunday morning at sunrise for some real DX on 80/40. I ended up starting early, around 11:15 as 15m had activity and I suspected it was about to close. In the end I took 5 rest periods resulting in me having 2.5 hours for Sunday morning.  One mistake I made was a QSO with Alan 5B4AHJ on 40m after 59 minutes into a 60 minute rest period, which I had to X-QSO in the log and then rework Alan a few minutes later – sorry for the dupe and I hope the adjudication software doesn’t penalise me – N1MM gets it wrong.

Not a lot to add to the commentary of others about conditions – 40m was the band for me. The VU2 stations were always weak and unworkable anywhere, one QSO (40m) with 9V1 and no 9M there was a big gap looking North- East until VK/ZL, which I found quite plentiful on 40m. The 9H, ZB2 and 5B4 activity from the Mediterranean helped, as did the UK HQ stations, but my only clean sweep there was G6XX, but managed the rest on the lower 3 bands.

The equipment was: FT2000, ACOM 1k amplifier, Nested dipoles as 12m for 40, 20, 15 & 10m and a 40m long inverted L at 12m height for 80m. N1MM+ used for logging.

QSO count was 190, but included 5 dupes. Some non BERU callers, to whom I just gave a report and moved on.

Where would we be without all of those VE3s?

Many thanks to all who participated, especially those who travelled and manned the HQ stations.

Mike /G3WPH/G3P