For those using N1MM+ for the Beru:
A special Call History is available at:

The file will be updated till before contest and
look for the following special option.

Telnet: added option to only show calls that are
in call history. This is useful in contests like CWOPS, FOC
or BERU. Not persistent.

The above feature restricts spots shown in the bandmap and the
available window to those appearing in the current call history
you are using. This makes sense to do, because virtually all BERU
calls are in their respective CH files. You avoid jumping to spotted
stations that are most likely not operating in the contest.

Not persistent means it is not saved when you shut down the program.
Use of this option can be confusing in other contests so we wanted
it to turn off frequently to avoid that confusion.

You are assisted if you are using this feature because you are
using telnet or skimmer spots.

As VA2RAC HQ I will be SO2V using RBN

73 de Claude VE2FK