G’day all


I’ve just been through the results of the Commonwealth Contest 2018 and the top ten VK scores were:

1. Kevin VK6LW 5,870 points
2. John VK4CT 4,910 points
3. Barry VK2BJ 4,715 points
4. Steve VK6VZ 4,030 points
5. Allan VK2GR 3,855 points
6. Alan VK7BO 3,750 points
7. Alan VK4SN 3,605 points
8. Patrick VK2PN 2,965 points
9. Mike VK2IG 2,445 points
10. Steve VK3JA 2,335 points

On this basis, as they have all already indicated a wish to take part in a team again, VK6LW, VK4CT, VK2BJ, VK6VZ and VK2GR would form Team 1.

In regard to Team 2, VK7BO, VK4SN and VK2PN have all already indicated a wish to take part and, in line with the premise of team selection we’ve used since the team competition started (that the top ten VK finishers in last year’s event should be invited to join teams for this year) I will send invitations to Steve VK3JA and Mike VK2IG to potentially join Team 2.

Last year, Brian VK3MI, who has been a long-term and very consistent VK competitor in the team competition, was unable to take part in any meaningful manner, owing to a lack of antennas. Brian has in the past turned in scores that have easily placed him in the top ten VK stations, easily making 2,000 points-plus, and regularly captained Team 2. I propose if VK2IG or VK3JA decide they are not available to compete in the team competition, that Brian be invited to join Team 2.

What I would also propose is that Steve and Mike take up their places, that Brian should be invited to be our first reserve and operate as VK3WIA. Hope this is satisfactory to you Brian – you have been a rock for us over a long period!

I also propose that Martin VK7GN (1,715 points) and Peter VK6RZ (1,455 points) be similarly asked if they would like to be reserves for the team competition and potentially operate as VK7WIA and VK6WIA.

I hope this is agreeable to everyone – please let me know if you have any problems.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ (VK Commonwealth Contest Team admin)