I was all set to return to Gozo for the 4th time in 2019 when I heard that my stalwart host Colin, 9H4CT was expecting to lose the use of the neighbouring field, which worked well for me last year.  Bob PJT had told me about the new direct Gatwick flight to Bermuda at the recent Convention, so a quick call to Ed VP9GE indicated that his station was free for BERU 2019.  Bonus will be a week’s holiday to a new venue for Gerry, my long-suffering XYL!

This will be another all-band Restricted section entry, using my trusty K3 and P3 and (mostly) Ed’s existing single element antennas.  The local Club call VP9I is expected to be available, if not look out for G3LET/VP9.  Either way, I’ll be happy to join a Caribbean team.

73, Peter G3LET