Hi all,

Back in UK since Sunday pm and unpacking through bit of jetlag. Might be
a day or so (got to be at the salt mines sadly earning more DX travel
tokens) but I’ll create a report for Bob et al.

In short tnx for adding me to team Carribean hope I wasn’t too far off
the pace.

Barring logging errors I should have c85-90 QSO in the log. Pretty sure
I logged the HI9/F… stn as non-Beru doh! Not too bad show given
conditions as a QRP station, zero internet so unassistaed not that it
would have made any difference the local mobie tower was taken out it
seems. I was QRT for much of the last 5 hours through thunderstorms so
missed the expected G run on 40m sadly. I had no choice after couple
close strikes once the first storm passed over just after midnight but
the two 80m and all four 40m GP’s for the 4SQ HAD to come down, the coax
was sparking to ground. Must work out how I might keep them up next time?

The 20m VDA was replaced by a simple 20m GP that I put right at the
waters edge that performed much better, got to work that one out for
sure as should have been the other way around!