Hi all,

As usual another enjoyable contest from VK4. The poor band conditions certainly created a challenge. A long-path 20m opening to VE was a pleasant surprise, just before daylight on our Sunday morning.
That opening worked well with a dipole, having no front to back ratio.The best surprise was when 40m opened for a nice run between 06:50 and 08:00 UTC with 57 Q. The five band jackpot went to 9M6, VK2, VK3, and VK6. Four bands with 3B8XF, just missed on 10m

The 12 hour operation created an opportunity to experiment with strategy.
From VK4, under poor conditions, 12 hours can do better than 24 hours.
There are good reasons why that is the case from VK4. The reverse would be so under good band conditions.
Anyhow, there is always more to learn about 12 hour strategy.

Antennas: dipoles on all bands, rotary on 40, 20, 15, and 10m

Entry: Open Single Operator Assisted, 12 Hours

Claimed score: 5,005
From 332 QSO (raw)

80: 46 QSO, 31 Bonus
40: 167 QSO, 61 Bonus
20: 92 QSO, 49 Bonus
15: 20 QSO, 20 Bonus
10: 7 QSO, 7 Bonus

Thanks Steve and everyone for being part of another pleasant weekend.

73, John VK4CT