From: Graham G4FNL
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 19:34:30 GMT

A brief update from me from the Commonwealth Contest where I was operating as G6XX, located in Brighton, UK  last weekend:

Despite the poor conditions I thoroughly enjoyed the contest – and being an HQ station meant that I was kept relatively busy throughout.  Like others, I find 24 hours continuous operating quite difficult (especially after a long working week.)  For this contest I considered my role as ‘cannon fodder’ and was there for the benefit of other entrants.  I hope I did a reasonable job – but I am not sure. I almost always called CQ – but I did also have the cluster running and would occasionally chase a new mult and those that I thought might be able make multiple bands QSOs with me.  It seems that I was partially successful – but I realised that after trying to call some of the more marginal ZLs, VKs and West Coast VEs that my DX signals on 80m and 40m just aren’t good enough. So further work to do next time.  I did manage 11 x 5-band QSOs – but they were all with stations within the UK. 10m was tough with just a total QSO count of 19 on that band and my best ‘DX’ was with my friends at GD6XX!   I did manage a total of 18 x 4-band QSOs including the following calls: 3B8XF, 9H3ET, G6HCC  GB5CC, GM4Z, VE3FJ and VK2BJ.  Other stats are 54 x 3-band,  58 x 2band and 105 unique Qs.  The overall QSO breakdown band by band is below (hopefully the formatting remains intact).

BAND    QSO       CTY         HQ

3.5          147         32           5

7              158         58           6

14           145         57           7

21            38         10           1

28             19           4           1

Total      507         161         20

My station consisted of an Elecraft K3 + Alpha 89 amp,  with a TB3 triband Yagi for HF at 60ft and a dipole for 40m at 70ft and ¼ wave vertical or a doublet at 60ft on 80m and some dubious beverage RX antennae

Thanks to EVERYONE for the QSO in the contest. See you next time……

73 Graham G4FNL