With the SFI scrapping the floor, thought that maybe using the ZL6HQ call this year might generate a few more contacts.

As usual started off alternating between 80 and 40 working VK, ZL & VE. 20m was as dead as a Dodo. Between 1300-1430utc only made 4 contacts and looking at my log from 2017 things didn’t look good for the next few hours, so I went to bed. In hindsight it would seem that the SP 40/80m opening to UK did happen after all, so maybe I should have stayed on the job.

2000-0500utc on Sunday produced about a 40 contacts, spent more time mowing the lawns and weeding the garden than radio operating. But did manage to make 3 contacts on 10m – all with VK2.

The sunset grey-line LP opening to UK was a little disappointing just two 80m contacts – GM6XX and GW3YDX. 40m was a bit better, most UK signals were hard going, but there were a couple of really standout signals, from G3NSM, who I can’t recall working before, along with GM6XX in second place.

The evening 20m SP opening to UK was fair but soon ran out of new contacts.

Great effort from the G#XX stations, worked them all on 40m except GI6XX, plus a few of them on 20m.

So the bottom line after 15 hours operating was just 193 contacts and 3605 points, one of my lower ever scores in the past 40 years or so.

Rig was about 800w to a C3SS beam, 40m GP @6m and a 80m dipole.

73, Frank ZL2BR/ZM2B