Another BERU has come and gone. Conditions were pretty awful on all HF bands but only as to be expected at this time of the sunspot cycle.
The big disappointment for me was the general lack of entrants from countries outside the main four blocks.

I did hear 3D2EU on several bands but I didn’t call him as it would not have been a real contest QSO. Anyway, I have already worked him on all bands.

Likewise, I heard P29LL but didn’t call him given his general aversion to most things including any calls from people who have worked him before.

The most notable misses were 9H6 and 5B4 both on 80m. On 40m, I think, VE3BR called CQ incessantly for ages with a strong signal but he never heard anybody. On 15m, ZL4TT had his keyer on CQ auto repeat at 4 second intervals for a very long time. I never did manage to work him on that band.

A nice surprise was working 9M6/G3VYI on 10m and a 5B4 late in the contest on 15m.

I also had a few DX contacts outside the contest including 9M0W and XX9B.

As usual, Kevin VK6LW was way out in front of the rest of us. He obviously has ESP as he called me on 10 and 15 when his signal was just a whisper at my end.
It was good to have our own HQ station, VK5WIA, this year and overall, I think VK put in a strong entry with our two teams plus sundry other stations.

My claimed score is as follows:

160m  80m  40m  20m  15m  10m  Total
Valid QSOs:      0   43    164     72     22       6   307
Bonus QSOs:    0   31     58      49     20       6   164
Points:    0  835  1980 1340    510   150  4815

Looking at the claimed scores published so far, I think we will be hard pressed to beat the Canadians. However, it will all come down to the handicapping adjustments.

73 Barry  VK2BJ