Operator(s): VE3UTT
Station: VE3UTT

Class: SO(A)-Open12 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 8:00
Location: Canada
Remote operation

Summary:   Compare Scores
Band QSOs
80: 2
40: 110
20: 233
15: 3
10: 1
Total: 350 Total Score 3,610


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-11 11:48:07
K3 / Optibeam / 80m “V” I found conditions on 40m very noisy Saturday evening local time. Overall not great conditions on any band especially 15m and 10m. Can’t really use 80m due to RF getting into my router only when remote. Re-read the rules and subtracted out VE3 QSO points – sorry. Hope all had fun.