Operator(s): VE3RUA
Station: VE3RUA

Class: SO(A)-Restricted12 LP
QTH: Kenora, ON
Operating Time (hrs): 8:30
Location: Canada

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Band QSOs
80: 10
40: 25
20: 14
Total: 49 Total Score 1,130

Club: Radiosport Manitoba

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-11 15:20:11
My first Commonwealth Contest and it was a challenge with antenna and power limitations. The Restricted category in this event is very much appreciated! High points were working 3D2EU and a large number of HQ stations. I was also thrilled by having VY1KX come to me while I was CQing just before I closed down. Working VK6LW on 40, just after his sunrise, was also nice. I was a bit surprised at the number of VE3 stations operating and dismayed at the fact that contest rules dictate I cannot work them. All in all an interesting event and I’ll be back next year with a tri-band beam that will allow me to work the many UK & CD stations I could hear but was not able to contact