Operator(s): VE3NNT
Station: VA3RAC

Class: SO(A)-Open24 HP
QTH: fn14cm
Operating Time (hrs): 18
Location: Canada
Remote operation

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Band QSOs
80: 55
40: 213
20: 196
15: 8
10: 2
Total: 474 Total Score 5,580


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-11 17:29:31
I had a few operational issues with the remote station that forced me to restart everything in the middle of runs, but for the most part things worked well. Between the heavy static and the lost packets over the internet, I had to ask for repeats of numbers quite often, particularly on 80m. The noise floor from static on 80m was about S7 later in the contest and pulling contacts out of the mud was really painful with my inverted V. I hope to improve this situation by next year by installing an OB2-80S above my OB17-4. Propagation was terrible. I woke up for the European opening at their sunrise Saturday night only to find out that the sun didn’t rise after all. Saturday night was just a gathering of a few ZLs and VKs. Although I was on 18 hours, the last several hours were really a waste of time and didn’t net me many contacts. Next year I’ll try the 12 hour category. My highlight of the contest was having unusual stations answering my calls, like VP8NO from the Falkland Islands. It was fun using the HQ station. I might try it again.