Operator(s): VA3DF
Station: VA3DF

Class: SO(A)-Open24 LP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Canada

Summary:   Compare Scores
Band QSOs
80: 31
40: 88
20: 123
15: 6
10: 0
Total: 248 Total Score 3,560

Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-11 12:41:00
Score should be a bit higher as WriteLog balked at awarding points for contacts with an “M” in the prefix i.e. GM etc. Couldn’t be bothered to sort out the issue and assume log checking will compensate. Big signals on 40 from VK and ZL at the start of the contest but things got very slow at times. So then, I just worked DX I found in pileups on the bands. Probably the high point of the contest was working 3B8 on 80 meters. As usual, it’s a jungle out there… 73, Doug VA3DF