Heres the antennas at 9M6GY’s QTH used by 9M6/G3VYI, the sky is blue  but we had 1 foot of  rain just before  the contest!

Hi all, struggled with local rain static noise at  times  but enjoyed all the VK and  ZLs, very  different here! Worked as many Gs as I  could , no Caribbean  and a just a few VE s ,as expected,  but after bands closed overnight at 3am z here it  was very  slow to open  again, like  my brain ! Nothing on 40m in  the morning here .
185 QSOs,  17 on 80, 65 on 40, 74 on 20, 22 on 15m, 4 on 10m, The station was 400w with hexbeam  and  40m dipole at 50 ft plus 80m wires.., lots of repeats needed as FT920 here not  the greatest on LF !
Hope you  get it fixed ok Don, big signal here on 80/40.Just back with the xyl after a farewell meal with our kind host Godfrey 9M6GY
BERU still the best contest !
mike 9M6/G3VYI