G’day all
Winds gusts hitting 100 km/hour made the first 12 hours of BERU a scary experience!  Lost the 80m inv-vee dipole two to three hours in (feeder snapped off) and a section of the 40m Moxon reflector during the night. Looking up at the antennas literally blowing around like leaves from the verandah was something I’ll never forget.
10m was pretty dead (2 QSOs), 15m barely alive (11 QSOs), but 40m was good during the night to the UK and 20m to my amazement opened both SP during the late evening (very sporadic) and LP during Sunday afternoon into the UK.
Final score was 4,030 points from 321 QSOs (80m 19 QSOs, 19 bonuses; 40m 164 QSOs, 53 bonuses; 20m 128 QSOs, 44 bonuses; 15m 11 QSOs, 11 bonuses; and 10m 2 qsos and 2 bonuses).
Thanks to everyone who took part in a team or who supported us by working in the contest.
Vy 73
Steve, VK6VZ
(captain, VK Team 1)