I  opted for the 12 hour section, although only actually completed 10 hours. Pity about 15m but 40m made up for it. VE7CC on LP at 1638 and then an assortment of more easterly VEs on SP from early evening. Nice to get 9M0W on the band also, I didn’t bother with trying on 20m. Just one ZL QSO with ZL2PAH (Don, he is ex- Nottm High School, though after your time).

BERU is a good contest for checking out technical improvements and like Don I had the full SO2R setup working. I had particularly wanted to try dual CQing which worked well on 20/15 and would have been even better if the band had been open with callers! It is somewhat technically gratifying to have two stations both feeding the one beam alternately.

Otherwise I used the setup to monitor two bands and just clicked on Skimmer spots as they appeared. then Alt F6 to swop radios. I noted a few other UK stations doing similar. Dualling didn’t work well on 80m/40m with the Tesla contest taking up the window I wanted to use. 3525 would have been a good spot for 80m putting the 2nd harmonic at 7050, as it was around 3505 put the 2nd harmonic bang around 7010.

S&Ping paid off with 5H0JK and 4S7AB, one funny was S75K on the bandmap who turned out to be S57K !! Not sure of the value of the XXs, I managed GD on 40 bands, GU on 2 and the rest on 3 bands but had to insist that I work a VK on 80m who was CQing underneath one of them.

Usual setup – K3 /Expert 1.3K – FT1kMP / Acom 1K – A4s – 2 phased gp for 40m and dipole at 60ft for 80m, wx prevented me from fixing up a gp for 80m. I now have the 400ft beverage working but didn’t notice much difference on its 330 deg heading.  N1MM+ worked extremely well as always but had a glitch on scoring which may well be to do with the change of country file.

 Band     QSOs
   3.5      12
     7      48
    14      78
    21       5
    28       1
 Total     144

Chris G3SJJ