From: robert hammond
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:48:44 GMT

Thank you to all the HQ stations who supported BERU 2018. The additional  HQ stations in GU GJ GM GW added interest for me. (and my only Q on 28MHz) .Long may the rules permit their continued participation. To the DX “travellers” who made the effort to activate the rarer call areas  – another “Thank You”.  Some years since I have heard so many  9H stations active, and heard so few  5B4.
As a “peashooter” G station blessed with only a 30 foot long  20 foot wide backyard I will struggle with my antenna  in times of poor propagation. Commitments to a local radio rally on the Sunday also meant I didn’t operate on 80m this year – early night for me and QRT at 2200z…. but I still enjoyed  BERU  …long may it continue.
I will be back next year 🙂
N1MM reported in around 10 hours of operation :-
80    nil
40   30 Q’s
20   41 Q’s
15   2  Q’s
10   1 Q
Elecraft K3 + KPA 500  Comet H422 vee dipole. 90 foot doublet at 30 feet.
Bob  G4DBW