HI Guys


I need  to update you all on the latest developments.

ZB2CW cannot make part of the team so, Ivan 9h1pi, will be running the 9h1mrl after all as we originally planned.

David, 9h1tx, will be with Ivan and perhaps another operator.

Probably Dave, G3RXP,9H3IL, may join either Ivan at 9h1mrl or myself at 9h6a.  We shall see on this when Dave gets to Malta.


So the stations making up the team are now:

[Version 100.01.01 hi]


9h6a      [9h1xt plus others:  Multi op station.]

C4z          [5b5aiz]

9h3et    [Peter]

9h1mrl [9H1PI,9H1TX,9H3IL?: Multi op station]

9h1ae    [Savvas]

Hope everything goes well



73 All