Hi Bob

The Latitude Factor for 2018 is 1.92, higher than in the previous year (1.78). This appeared counter-intuitive as Team VK1 were just able to beat the top VE’s in 2017 and I spent some time checking for calculation errors. However, because the factor depends upon real as opposed to corrected team scores, it became clearer, because conditions in the southern hemisphere have continued poor and team VK1 only won as a result of three successive years with increasing factors.

I have yet to get on the air from my new QTH and so have little first hand idea how conditions are playing of late but reports on both LF and HF seem to suggest little change from 2017.

The upcoming Gozo trip is proving something of a challenge, however on inspection it appears that EJ are now able to accommodate vault poles up to 4.6m in length in the hold and that there is no published weight limit on cabin baggage . . .

73, Peter G3LET