Hi all,

Next March is a way off yet but looking at possible locations for BERU

I have renewed licence for E5 and whilst E5/N looks ideal and I left
antennas out there not sure about the logistics so time to look at other

The BERU traveler pool isn’t huge but spoken a few of the usual subjects
and not aware of anyone else that might be going so shouldn’t clash. So
my target will be C6. Yes I know Rob, Steve and John went to C6 last
year almost the same dates but were not in BERU. Waiting on URCA for a call.

I’m unlikely to ever build a huge score but happy to add a DXCC noone
else will be in for those chasing LF QSO. Looking at QTH on the UK side
of Eleuthera (the one with the 3 mile pink sand beach) which is one of
the outer islands with space for 80m and 40m 4SQ and no neighbours for >
mile. Expect will be qrp in the contest and after on CW unless the god
of mains power provides an input anyway from there I suspect VE, Carrib
and UK should all be possible. FT8 seems to need a KW these days 🙂