Hi Nick and all

Thanks for the update on everything. You are quite right in that other issues have taken priority over getting back on the air thus far. One of these was a unique opportunity which presented itself to revisit the South Orkneys after 50+ years; very few ships visit the group these days as the breakup of the glaciers due to global warming is greatly increasing the amount of pack ice which envelopes the group during the antarctic summer. Except in really good years, only the UK and LU support ships seem prepared to take the time (and risk!) to weave their way through this. Anyway, I spent some time with Mike VP8NO on the way down, who is hoping to make a determined effort in BERU this year, although he has little space for very much on 80m.

I have organised a last minute BERU visit to my sister in law in 9H (Gozo) but the call sign is as yet indeterminate as I have laft re-applying for 9H3ET rather late. Could be 9H/G3LET . . .

Nothing much else to add at this point.

73, Peter G3LET