Another year and I was looking forward to my favourite contest.

I was planning to operate from G3ZVW but he was in ZD8 for work and only due back during the contest. Plan B didn’t pan out either (GB2BP). Plan C was at home with a new delta loop and inverted L. Plan D it was then, whatever that was – make do.

My aim was to work the 9G, V3, 8P and for bonus points 3B8 stations. All achieved in at least 1 band.

I started about 5 hours late after moving the contents of my shack to the relatively newly installed log cabin, drilling holes for feeders, building an inverted L, sorting out radials and hooking up the SGC230, moving the doublet and its feeder from the other side of the house to the garden side, building (multiple times) a rickety IKEA desk that kept collapsing, and various other DIY jobs while also trying to stop the little person from getting too close to tools in “daddy’s shed”.

In the end I put in around 8.5h of operating according to N1MM+. I had long periods of not much going on overnight, and worked some other stations (but not the DXpeditions in TU or 5U, and haven’t heard 9N or S2) and hit the hay at around 0400 for “1.5h” which ended up being around 5h. Missed all the dawn fun but was okay with that given I worked ZL last year on 80m so wouldn’t have been a new slot.

No VK or ZLs worked as I missed the early parts of both days, no 9J, V5 or ZSes either despite having posted on the ZS1CT Facebook group to drum up support. That’s not to say they didn’t come on, I just didn’t hear any but that wasn’t the aim.

79Qs, which is not close to my best effort but fun and worthwhile for the getting the shack up and running and a new antenna to show for it.

C4Z wasn’t loud but judging by the tale of woe there now I understand why. C4I wasn’t loud either. No-one was really. 9G5X was though, and that’s about all.

Thanks again to the travellers and those who worked my puny signal.

Till next year!